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The Colman Foundation was established in 2005 with an initial grant from Pam and Julius Colman and has grown since with donations received and investments made.

The specific focus of the Colman Foundation is to promote service integration through a local, collaborative partnership between DET, local government, other community service providers and partners such as early childhood providers. Service integration enables a single point of entry to a fully integrated model of high quality early learning, education and community support for children, young people and their families in disadvantaged communities.

The Colman Foundation has developed a model – “Our Place- Integrated Learning Communities” that embodies pride in place, excellence in practice and ownership in outcomes.


JUNE MCLOUGHLINChief Operating Officer
June is the CEO of “Our Place” a Colman Foundation initiative. June is a member of the Goodstart Early Learning board and is also member of the WA Early Childhood Development and Learning Collaboration Advisory Board hosted by Telethon Kids. June has extensive experience in both policy and service development, research and practice in the early childhood, family support and children’s services fields, which has given her a broad and deep understanding of issues relevant to the needs of parents and their children. June has managed many state and national projects designed to refocus early years services to provide more integrated support for families with young children with a particular interest in vulnerable children.
DEB BRAYManager - Operations
STACEY FOXManager - Strategy & Translation
SHANNON NEWMANManager - Research & Evaluation
Shannon has a strong interest in carrying out consultation and research in both the early childhood education sector and the broader area of road safety – with a passion for supporting local communities to use data and learnings to evaluate their efforts to improve outcomes; be this at the program or service level, or more broadly at a policy level.
Holding qualifications in behavioural science and training, she has worked in research, management and consulting roles for more than 15 years and has undertaken contract work for several local governments, school entities, philanthropists and associated organisations within Victoria over the past nine years. Recent roles have included supporting the development and implementation of evaluation frameworks and data collection systems; carrying out feasibilities, costing models and business plans for new projects and service establishments; and reviewing and examining service operations and project initiatives across the early childhood and education sector.
Collectively these experiences have allowed Shannon to develop strong and respectful relationships with stakeholders in the early years and education sector and instilled a keen desire for all children and families to be as fortunate and well-supported as they grow as her own three young sons are.
MARIE HOLMESCoordinator - Adult Education