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Julius Colman was born in post-war Poland and came to Melbourne with his refugee family at age 4. Inspired by his own experience of the opportunities created by high quality state school education, Julius is determined to make sure those opportunities are available to children in disadvantaged communities in Victoria.

Julius is a lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has brought his entrepreneurial drive to addressing the barriers to children from disadvantaged communities achieving positive life outcomes, focusing on education as the key.

Julius has negotiated landmark partnerships with the state government, initially for the development of Doveton College, and more recently with the agreement for the establishment of 10 more Our Place sites across Victoria.

In 2015 Julius was awarded an Order of Australia (AM) for his work with underprivileged children.

JUNE MCLOUGHLIN M.EdChief Executive Officer
The Our Place Model is the culmination of June’s experience and expertise developed over a career in policy and service development, research and practice in early childhood, family support and children’s services.

At Doveton since the very beginning, June has brought her vision and passion for the refocusing of early years and other services to provide more integrated support for families with young children.

June now leads the expansion of the Our Place initiative into our 10 new sites, working with local stakeholders to create the foundations for success and building capacity within the team to progress this work.

DEB BRAYOffice Manager
Deb brings over 25 years of senior executive and corporate support experience across government and the education sector.

Working as the Office Manager for Our Place, Deb uses her organisational and design skills to support the team in a myriad of ways, driven by her passion for improving outcomes for children.

EVE MILLARStrategy & Translation
Eve joined Our Place in February 2018, after playing a role in the establishment of our current partnership while working with government. Eve is inspired by the Our Place vision and the potential for philanthropy and government to work together to improve outcomes for children and families in disadvantaged communities.

Eve’s holds qualifications in Law / Arts and has 20 years’ experience working in local and state Government. Eve brings skills in systems thinking, project management and communications, to support and promote the work of Our Place and our partnership with Government.

SHANNON NEWMANManager - Research & Evaluation
Shannon has been a key player in the Our Place team since the early days at Doveton.

Using her background in behavioural science, Shannon has been developing and refining the data, evaluation and research agenda supporting the deep evidence base for the Our Place model. Shannon leads our research partnerships with University of Wollongong and Deakin University.

During her career Shannon has combined her love of working with people and her passion for evidence and data, working with local communities to use data to evaluate their efforts to improve outcomes.

MARIE HOLMESCommunity Engagement Coordinator
Marie joined the team at Doveton six years ago, bringing her many years’ experience in the development and implementation of projects across youth services, recruitment, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Marie established the broad range of adult engagement, education and training activities available for the community at Doveton College. Marie has developed valuable partnerships with service providers, as well as directly supporting individuals on their journey to development, training and employment.

SALLY BEATTIELead Facilitator - Carlton Central Learning Precinct
Sally joined Our Place as the lead facilitator at the Carlton Central Learning Precinct in January 2018.

Sally brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and partnership development in the education sector, using her background in teaching and psychology. Sally is excited to be part of the Our Place team, convinced that the Our Place model brings together the best elements of the many different approaches she has been seen.

Sally has a passion for working with communities, empowering and building capacity and is active with her own local community.

SAMANTHA HEWITSONCommunity Engagement Coordinator, Doveton (Adult Learning)
Samantha joined Our Place in February 2018, working as part of the Doveton College community engagement team, focussed on Adult Learning.

Samantha brings many years’ experience in the community sector, with qualifications in community development and education support and a commitment to providing practical support to people who want to change their lives.

Samantha has previously worked with a strong focus on youth engagement in education, training and employment and is now using these skills to support the parents and community at Doveton.

KERRIE RUSSELLCommunity Engagement Coordinator - Bridgewood PS
Kerrie is a long term local in the shire of Cardinia and joined the Our Place team in February 2018, excited about working with the site partners to create a thriving community learning hub for the children and families in Officer.

Kerrie brings her commitment to community development and her many years’ experience working in school wellbeing teams, volunteer programs and directly supporting children and families.

She is currently completing her Masters in Community Counselling.

CINDY HINTERHOLZLCommunity Engagement Coordinator - Robinvale College
Cindy joined the Our Place team in May 2018, working with the partners at the Robinvale College Our Place site.

Cindy is a Robinvale local, strongly embedded in the community and working with the community in the early years sector. Cindy brings 30 years’ experience in early childhood education and community development and engagement. Cindy holds a Masters of Education and qualifications in teaching and management.

Cindy is a firm believer in the value of early years in creating lasting change for children and their communities.

SONJA GEERSCommunity Engagement Coordinator
Sonja joined the Our Place team in March 2018, thrilled to join an organisation working so positively and directly with disadvantaged communities. Sonja brings a love of working with people and a strong belief in the power of education to change lives.

Sonja has a long history of service and support roles in the education and health sectors, with qualifications in Behavioural Studies and experience working with her local community in leadership and volunteer roles.