Project Description

Our Place Frankston North is the first site at which Our Place will be working with more than one school.   Aldercourt Primary School, Mahogany Rise Primary School and Monterey Secondary College are involved, and other partners include the Frankston North Education Plan stakeholders and the Frankston City Council.

Frankston North is primarily a residential area, characterised by low home ownership rates and high levels of public housing. It is comprised mostly of English-speaking residents with fewer non-English speaking residents compared to the Victorian average. A significant proportion (36.2%) of families are one parent families.11

In May 2017, the Victorian state government announced it would develop the Frankston North Education Plan to improve the quality of education in the early, primary and secondary years, as well as connect more adults into adult learning. Seeing an intersection of priorities and an opportunity for collaboration, Our Place was approached to work with the schools. Frankston North Our Place is located in Aldercourt Primary School and Mahogany Rise Primary School, and also works closely with Monterey Secondary College. Construction commenced in January 2020 with the view being that all sites are scheduled to open at the beginning of 2021.

Our Place has a Community Facilitator at the schools, working with the partners, connecting with local service providers and the community to consult, map and facilitate during the early stages of implementation.

Site Implementation Group: DET South Eastern Victoria Region, Frankston City Council, Child and Family Centre, Aldercourt Primary School, Mahogany Rise Primary School, Monterey Secondary College and Colman Foundation (Our Place).



Aldercourt Primary School
Address: Silver Avenue, Frankston North VIC 3200

Phone: (03) 9786 4488
Principal: Kathie Arnold

Mahogany Rise Primary School
Address: Forster Avenue, Frankston North VIC 3200

Phone: (03) 9786 3211
Principal: Andrew Schneider (Acting)

Monterey Secondary College
Address: 21 Silvertop Street, Frankston North VIC 3200

03 9781 7700
Principal: Lisa Cavey (Acting)