Project Description

Our Place Northern Bay College, Wexford Campus

Originally both a residential and industrial area, Corio is experiencing high levels of socio-economic disadvantage exacerbated by the closure of several large industries over the last few decades. In recent years the diversity of the community has grown due to a high number of children and families moving to the area from a broad range of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Wexford(P–8) is one of five campuses at Northern Bay College. A significant number of children are attending school with vulnerabilities higher than state proportions, with over a quarter of all Wexford Foundation students vulnerable on one or more domains in 2018.19

Site Implementation Group: DET South Western Victoria Region, Northern Bay College, City of Greater Geelong and Colman Foundation (Our Place).



Northern Bay College, Wexford Campus
Address: 1 Wexford Ct, Corio VIC 3214

Phone: (03) 5273 2600
Campus Principal: Lisha Nash