Our Place’s governance is formalised by the Department of Education (DE) and Colman Education Foundation Partnership Agreement.

It provides mechanisms for transparency, accountability, resolving complex system-level barriers to achieving outcomes on the ground, and sharing learning across sites. A whole of government approach to the governance of Our Place drives greater integration of government service delivery at each site.

Our Place Governance Structure


Inter-departmental Committee (IDC)

Provides a pathway across government to deliver the integrated services required to operate the ten Our Place sites under one umbrella.
Chaired by the DE Secretary, the IDC develops strategic direction, ensures work is conceptually aligned with system-level service delivery reforms and maximises the breadth of strategies being used across portfolios.
The IDC comprises representatives from Colman Education Foundation, Department of Education, Department of Premier & Cabinet, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Department of Justice and Community Safety, Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions and Department of Treasury and Finance.


Partnership Management Group (PMG)

Sustains and enhances the effectiveness of the partnership over the long-term.
Shares collective learnings, identifies system-level barriers, supports issue resolution, facilitates access to expertise and resources, fosters accountability and monitors outcomes.


Site Partnership Groups (SPG)

Coordinates and supports the implementation at each Our Place site.
Chaired by a senior representative nominated by DE and supported by the Our Place site team, the site partners co-design and agree to long-term work plans and shared ownership for action and outcomes.