Our Role

We refer to our role as ‘The Glue’, as we facilitate partnerships that enable the school to be the central place for learning and support services that overcome barriers to educational achievement.

Our Place does not deliver or fund any services or programs. Instead, we provide essential resources and work with partners to reshape existing local services, so that these services are more accessible to those who need them most.

Ingredients of ‘The Glue’

The Glue is made up of the people, partnerships, knowledge and infrastructure that are essential to successfully improving outcomes for children through a place-based approach. The key ingredients are:


Space and infrastructure
A single, shared entrance to early learning, school, health services and community facilities, with welcoming and appropriate space for families.


Facilitation, leadership and partnerships
People in place to build commitment, drive action and outcomes, connect people with other resources and encourage a culture of mutual respect and questioning.


Collaborative governance
Shared commitment to collaborative governance and innovation to develop solutions that achieve impact.


Data-informed decision-making
Skills and capacity to identify, collect, analyse, interpret and understand data from available sources.