Our Place works with one of our most important community resources – our schools – to expand the opportunities open to children and families in highly disadvantaged communities.

We bring together the resources children and families need to thrive – integrating high quality early learning, effective schooling, health and community services, and adult education, training and employment support in ways that meet the needs and help fulfil the aspirations of the community.

“Education is the key to transforming the life chances of children and creating the conditions for families and communities to flourish.”


In November 2017, the Colman Foundation signed a landmark partnership agreement with the Department of Education to establish 10 more Our Place sites across Victoria.

The Colman Foundation has pledged funding to support 10 sites for 10 years, to deliver improved educational outcomes for the children and families of disadvantaged communities. Working in partnership with the local community, local schools, local council and other local service providers, we will implement the Our Place model – creating an integrated community resource, that supports children and their families to succeed.

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of disadvantaged children are starting school developmentally vulnerable
of young people do not have a Year 12 qualification by age 19
more likely for children to be developmentally vulnerable if they don’t attend kinder


The Colman Foundation was established in 2005 with an initial grant from Pam and Julius Colman and has grown since with donations received and investments made.

The specific focus of the Colman Foundation is to promote positive education outcomes for children and families in disadvantaged communities.  It supports service integration through a local, collaborative partnership between state government, local government, early childhood and adult learning providers, and health and community service partners. The Colman Foundation enables a single point of entry to a fully integrated model of high quality early learning, education and community support for children, young people and their families.

The Colman Foundation has developed an Approach –  “Our Place” – that embodies pride in place, excellence in practice and ownership in outcomes.