Our Place’s holistic approach includes five core Elements that describe the evidence-based strategies that contribute to achieving Outcomes for children, families and communities. 

The evidence indicates that education is the key to lifting the aspirations and improving the lives of children and their families. The five core Elements are:

  • High-quality early learning, health and development
  • High-quality schooling
  • Wrap-around health and wellbeing services
  • Engagement and enrichment activities for children
  • Adult engagement, volunteering, learning and employment
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High-Quality Early Learning, Health and Development

that supports early learning from birth as well as playgroups, child health and parenting support on site. The key features of this element are:

  • Early engagement and intervention
  • High-quality early learning services and supports
  • Continuity in learning between the early years and school
  • Positive home learning environments.
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High-Quality Schooling

that supports high-quality teaching and learning environments that ensure each child receives the support they achieve and thrive. The key features of this element are:

  • Parents engaged in children’s learning, with strengthened belief in the importance of education (linked to aspirations for children)
  • Positive school culture and support for student wellbeing
  • Strong leadership across the school that raises expectations for children’s learning and development.

Engagement and Enrichment Activities for Children

that are affordable, on-site opportunities to develop an interest in sports, arts and hobbies with others. The key features of this element are:

  • All children provided with affordable before/after school recreation activities including opportunities for physical activities
  • All children provided with opportunities to engage in activities that hold special interest (cooking, music, homework clubs, sport, art and craft activities outside of school hours).

Wrap-around Health and Wellbeing Services

that supports access to effective health and wellbeing support services. The key features of this element are:

  • Core health services delivered through the school platform, including maternal child health and allied health and family wellbeing
  • Additional services provided reflecting priorities and needs of the community – delivered on the school site or through established partnerships to address service gaps.
  • Families only telling their story once and being supported to access and receive services in a coordinated, efficient and effective way
  • Warm referral protocols in place across the site.

Adult Engagement, Volunteering, Learning and Employment

that supports opportunities for families to engage in volunteering, formal and informal learning, and link them into employment pathways. The key features of this element are:

  • Parents and families provided with opportunities for participation in volunteering
  • Parents and carers supported to take up adult learning opportunities
  • Parents and carers supported through pathways to employment.