Our vision is that all children and their families succeed in life. To achieve this vision, we seek to positively contribute to outcomes for children, families and communities.

Nine outcomes have been carefully chosen to support the achievement of long-term outcome change or conditions of wellbeing under these three major domains. The most critical domain focuses on outcomes for children, while the other two domains are outcomes for their families and the communities they live in.

A list of possible indicators for each of these nine outcome areas has been generated. These indicators offer a way to measure the impact of the approach and understand the extent to which the Outcomes are being achieved. They can be measured in a timely manner and reflect reliable, robust indicators of community level change.


• Happy, healthy and develop well
• Engage in learning and social opportunities
• Achieve as learners


• Happy, healthy and well with strong self-worth
• Confident as parents/ carers and engage in their children’s learning
• Engaged in learning, are skilled and are employed


• Connected and feel socially included
• Having a sense of pride and belonging
• Actively contribute skills and knowledge to community productivity