New philanthropic partnership provides essential resources to Corio community

Our Place is delighted to announce our new philanthropic partnership with Kennards Hire Foundation. Their commitment to support the 10-year place-based initiative will directly impact our Northern Bay site and will provide essential resources to families living in and around the area of Corio, Geelong Victoria.

This is a wonderful example of when philanthropy, government and the social service sector come together to overcome the barriers faced by disadvantage to create greater opportunities for children and their families.

Our Place believes education is the key to lifting the aspirations and improving the life chances of people experiencing disadvantage. Our Place uses the universal platform of government schools to support the education, health and development children and families. When schools in disadvantaged communities act as hubs, they have the potential to create powerful change, as existing local services are reshaped to become more accessible to those who need them most. Our Place is delighted to welcome the Kennards Hire Foundation and our partnership will provide essential resources to the Corio community.

Sean Cory, CEO

The Kennards Hire Foundation Was Launched in 2018 with a vision to make Australia and New Zealand better places for future generations by helping support disadvantaged young people to be independent, self- sufficient contributors to society.

To learn more about Our Place’s role in the delivery of this holistic place-based approach initiative, click here.