Partner profile: R.M. Ansett Trust 

Established under the will of the Ansett Airlines founder, The R.M. Ansett Trust has made a ten-year commitment to fund Our Place Frankston North’s work with children and families at three schools – Aldercourt Primary School, Mahogany Rise Primary School, and Monterey Secondary College.

The funding has enabled Our Place to employ five professional staff who are skilled at building relationships and connections. The Our Place staff play a critical role in the Frankston North community by connecting families to services, opportunities, and each other, as well as coordinating education and service providers to meet the needs of families.

The R.M Ansett Trust is managed by Equity Trustees, which manages over 50 different trusts within its Children and Young People portfolio.

Emily Cormack, Equity Trustees’ Children and Young People Grant Manager, said that the initial partnership with Our Place has inspired the RM Ansett’s interest in how generational change occurs.

“We have learnt there are the many factors that can influence a child’s ability to take their place in life, such as education, employment, health, family and peer support, mentors and access to extra-curricular activities and programs,” Emily said.  

While enabling schools as community hubs can play a vital role in achieving this by providing comprehensive support to children and families, it takes skilled and impartial people to connect organisations and engage with families to achieve successful outcomes.

The support that Our Place provides is vital. Schools are already stretched so far. This partnership with Our Place provides an opportunity to take risks, not fund the norm, and have that additional flexible support for children and families.

Emily Cormack

The impact is significant. This is a way of working that’s different. and yes, it takes time. But it’s having an impact, and it will change the lives of children and their families and the community,” Emily said.

The RM Ansett Trust sees Our Place’s partnership with the Victorian Government as an important element of change. Working closely with the Department of Education means that philanthropy can add value and test new ways of thinking, and then this can be adapted and adopted by government as mainstream policy.

“Where philanthropy is best placed is its ability to take risk. The more that we can demonstrate that different ways of working have strong outcomes, then government will have evidence that it’s worthwhile funding it.”

Emily Cormack

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