Site Services Advisory Group

After two years of trying to establish this group during COVID, we were finally able to bring together a range of local organisations and agencies servicing the needs of families across the site, thus making the Site Services Advisory Group operational.

Representatives from Korayn Birralee Family Centre, Northern Bay College, Maternal and Child Health, Barwon Health North, Bethany Connect Up program, NDIS, Corio Library and The Gordon Skills & Jobs Centre attended this inaugural meeting. Suggestions and observations were made during the meeting as to ‘who was missing around the table’. Services and agencies across the site were given time and space to share introductions, their connection with the Our Place site and their own focus goals and priorities. Each saw the reciprocal benefits of coming together with purpose and intention and a shared understanding of the work.

Discussions were held through-out the meeting around the importance of a single-story telling experience as a long-term aim. Other objectives include strengthening relationships across the site, sharing information, experiences, opportunities, and challenges, exploring meaningful and purposeful collaboration opportunities, developing an awareness of strategic priorities, and providing service expertise to the Site Partnership Group (SPG). There was also a commitment to meeting once a month in Term 2 to establish the foundations of the group.

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Aligning to the Our Place approach

Wrap-around Health and Wellbeing Services is one of the five evidenced-based Elements that are central to the Our Place approach. The key features of this element are:

  • Core health services delivered through the school platform, including maternal child health and allied health and family wellbeing
  • Additional services provided reflecting priorities and needs of the community – delivered on the school site or through established partnerships to address service gaps.
  • Families only telling their story once and being supported to access and receive services in a coordinated, efficient and effective way
  • Warm referral protocols in place across the site