STAFF PROFILE: Rei Kori – Project Officer (Research & Evaluation)

“I want to be part of making an impact across a larger scale from a research and evaluation perspective.

What roles have you worked in before Our Place?
As a Social Worker and trainer, I’ve spent the last decade working as a practitioner, leading multi-disciplinary teams and building the capacity of organisations. I’ve worked at a range of NFP organisations, including Save the Children, the Centre for Multicultural Youth and AMES.

What attracted you to work at Our Place?
I had a chance to see the positive impacts of Our Place in real life at Doveton through my previous job.

” I SAW that positive change is possible for families TO get the support they need
when services work in strong partnership together.”

What’s your role? What does it entail?
My role is to capture the implementation of the Our Place approach through collecting, analysing and reporting on qualitative and quantitative data. I work closely with my team members and our site teams to measure, research and analyse the impact of our approach, so we can learn and create evidence for change 

What specialised skills and knowledge do you use in your work?
Interpersonal and analytical skills are important to evaluate our work with accuracy and integrity. It’s also critical to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. Understanding the evidence behind the approach is also essential because we need to reflect on our approach and identify challenges, enablers and learnings.

Tell us about the communities you work with
As a member of the central team, we work across all Our Place communities in Victoria. While every site is unique, the children and families our site teams support have shared experiences of vulnerability, as well as immense strength and resilience in overcoming adversity.   

What is your favourite memory of working at Our Place?
I really enjoy working with like-minded people. We acknowledge that the systems we work with can be better and we’re here to change that together. 

Good intentions aren’t enough. We need to know what works, how it works and why it works.
That’s where we can make a real difference for children, families and communities.

What are your interests and hobbies?
I love playing football (soccer), and anything that involves eating good food, travelling and spending quality time with the quality humans I’m lucky to have in my life. 

What’s a fun fact about you that people may not know?
I’m a terrible cook but great at eating!