Using our learnings to help shape the future of Australia’s labour market

Our Place recently shared our evidence and experience in a submission to the development of the Federal Government Employment White Paper.

What is The Employment White Paper (the White Paper)?

The Employment White Paper (the White Paper) will provide a roadmap for Australia to build a bigger, better-trained and more productive workforce – to boost incomes and living standards and create more opportunities for more Australians.

It aims to build on the outcomes of the Jobs and Skills Summit and will have an overarching focus on the objectives of full employment and productivity growth for the benefit of all Australians, along with women’s economic participation and equality. The White Paper will also explore issues, frameworks, and policy approaches relevant to the future of Australia’s labour market over the medium and long term and will take into account a diverse range of perspectives from across Australia, including from representatives of civil society, unions, employers and governments.

Our Place’s Submission

Within our submission, we utilise the experience and evidence of the Our Place approach to highlight important considerations for employment support in collaborative and place-based approaches – and particularly the value of providing client-centric employment services in integrated school settings.  Within the submission we particularly focus on:

  • Engagement, education and employment of parents, carers and others in the community being critical in supporting outcomes for children
  • Integrated school settings being an ideal environment for supporting parent and community engagement and learning and
  • The requirement of new ways to build trust with communities through long term, place based partnerships

We also discuss and demonstrate how the Our Place Approach itself is a demonstration of how services, schools, government, and philanthropy can collaborate to enable change in communities. This submission is also complimented by a Case Study of Doveton College and Excerpts from our publication Success: Stories from Doveton College. 

To view our submission in its entirety, Click Here

Aligning with the Our Place Approach

Our Place knows that parent education and employment changes intergenerational disadvantage therefore, we provide a range of opportunities for families to engage in formal and informal learning and link them into employment pathways. Our Place also collects the data and generates the evidence of what works and shares it openly to influence policy & system change.

This submission also aligns with our evidence-based element of Adult Engagement, Volunteering, Learning and Employment, which supports opportunities for families to engage in volunteering, formal and informal learning, and link them into employment pathways. To learn more about this element or the Our Place Approach Click Here