Continuity of Learning Pathways at Northern Bay

Our Place held a Continuity of Learning workshop, facilitated by Our Place Senior Advisor, Judy Rose with attendees from Northern Bay College –Wexford, Korayn Birralee Family Centre and Department of Education and Training.

The aim of the workshop was to progress our Site Implementation Plan objectives of:

  • Increased Continuity in learning environments for children
  • Support professional practice bridges that create a continuity of pedagogy between early learning and the primary school

The workshop generated great enthusiasm along with a shared commitment to work together as School and Early Years professionals. Following on from the workshop staff from both the school and Family Centre participated in a ‘walk through’ of their respective learning environments.

Discussion and ideas generated from this saw all staff eager to work together to continue the journey of continuity of learning:

  • Identifying that both spaces offer similarities and consistency in their environment and approaches to practice.
  • There is an identified interest in understanding each other’s pedagogy, planning approaches and documentation.
  • There is a commitment to adopting a collaborative approach in supporting children and families to feel welcome and a sense of belonging, as well as supported & understood as they move from kindergarten to school.
  • Understanding the importance of this work occurring through-out the year, not just in Terms 3 & 4.

To find out more about Continuity of Learning please read the Pathways from Early Learning to School Publication HERE

“Consistency and continuity are of particular importance during the period that children move through the early learning and primary school system”

Aligning to the Our Place approach

High-quality Schooling is one of the five evidenced-based Elements that are central to the Our Place approach. Our Place supports high-quality teaching and learning environments that ensure each child receives the support they achieve and thrive. The key features of this element are: 

  • Parents engaged in children’s learning, with strengthened belief in the importance of education (linked to aspirations for children) 
  • Positive school culture and support for student wellbeing 
  • Strong leadership across the school that raises expectations for children’s learning and development.