Industry tour and bus initiative leads to employment outcomes in Robinvale 

Our Place’s Glenn and Tony have worked alongside partners on an industry tour to create awareness of employment opportunities and a bus initiative that provides free transport for workers.

The Worker’s Bus Initiative

The Robinvale Euston Workforce Network (REWN) has implemented a trial initiative to enhance workforce opportunities, improve workforce outcomes, and drive industry growth within the district.

Many of the employment opportunities available to Robinvale and Euston residents require employees to commute. However, for some, this is not an option as they do not have access to a car or public transport and may not have a license.

After extensive consultation with industry, government, and community, the Worker’s Bus Initiative aims to respond to and support residents who do not have access to transport to be able to participate in the workforce.

Offering two runs per day (drop off and pick up) residents can board the worker’s bus from 16 available stops. The route on which the bus travels has been developed based on community-identified needs.

The See-It Industry Tour

To increase awareness of the Worker’s Bus initiative, the REWN worked with employment services organisations CVGT and MADEC Workforce Australia. This resulted in representatives from these two organisations, the REWN team, and six prospective employees participating in a ‘See-It Industry Tour’.  

Participants on a tour at Lamattina Carrots

The tour involved showing participants the 16 available bus stops on the worker bus route and included two industry tours to Lamattina Carrots and Brightlight Almonds and included breakfast and lunch at the Weman Store, thanks to Swan Hill Rural City Council. Andrew Young from the horticultural farming organisation Redgold also spoke to the participants about job opportunities, pathways to employment, and skills advancement in his family business.

Almonds from Brightlight Almonds

The tour gave the prospective employees firsthand exposure to the agriculture industry. They were able to meet employees from Lamattina Carrots, Brightlight Almonds, and Redgold, ask questions about what their roles involve, and understand how the business operates.

Employment outcomes

There have been many positive outcomes from this one tour. One participant has been offered an administration position at Brightlight Almonds, and the company has also requested the resumes of three participants who participated in the tour and engaged with senior management. Another participant has been employed by Redgold Lettuce, and another has recently received an employment offer.

Three participants are being supported by CVGT and MADEC Workforce Australia to obtain their forklift licenses, which then may lead to employment at Brightlight Almonds. Both Lamattina Carrots and Brighlight Almonds have also offered onsite training for participants so that they can obtain their forklift licenses.

There are also 11 people now using the Workers Bus on a regular basis. 

Aligning with the Our Place Approach

The Our Place approach ensures that we have dedicated people in place to build commitment, drive action, and outcomes, and connect people with needed resources. Our Place also works in partnerships with other organisations and aims to make the best use of existing resources to enable communities to thrive.

These initiatives are also a great example of Our Place’s involvement in leading partnerships, engaging the community, incorporating community consultation, and prioritising and responding to the needs of the community have all helped to inform and shape the industry tour and the Worker’s Bus initiative.

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