Northern Bay families feature in Eat Well Live Well initiative

The Our Place team and members of the Northern Bay community have partnered with The City of Greater Geelong’s Healthy Communities department for their Eat Well Live Well – Family Recipe video promotion.

Working in collaboration with Best Start, City of Greater Geelong (COGG) Family Services and Wathaurong, Our Place Northern Bay engaged with and supported four families from the Northern Bay Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community to take part in a video series. The series aims to showcase families cooking a traditional meal and then have that recipe turned into a public ‘recipe card’ for others to use to recreate the meal.

When our community facilitator Karen discussed the initiative with local families and invited them to be involved, we discovered great enthusiasm, willingness, and a sense of pride from families. From these discussions, it was arranged to have parents and carers from Thailand, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines take part, with two participants bringing along a parent and their children, providing a great multi-generational cooking experience. Pictured above is also one of the families who participated (Dorthi and her mum Sangita, dad Rakesh and son Kartik).

Supporting this opportunity has not only enabled Our Place to work with new and existing partners in a collaborative way but has also strengthened our connections with families on site. This opportunity has also allowed our community members to ‘shine’ and share their culture with the wider Geelong community.

We look forward to sharing these videos and recipes with everyone when they are launched as part of Children’s Week and Seniors Month in October.

For more information about the COGG Eat Well Live Well initiative and to download the free toolkit Click Here

Aligning with the Our Place Approach

Working alongside and supporting partners initiatives and supporting families to access opportunities is all a part of what Our Place refers to as the playing the role of ‘The Glue’ on site. ‘The Glue’ is made up of the people, partnerships, knowledge and infrastructure that are essential to make a place based approach work and while it is not an element itself, ‘The Glue’ is a critical factor in implementing the Our Place approach.

As part of the Our Place Approach, we also acknowledge that participating in activities within the community contributes to creating a sense of belonging and pride for children and families. This is another reason we work toward identifying, creating, and providing linkages to opportunities for families to be involved, join a team, volunteer, and contribute.

For more information about the Our Place Approach Click Here