Supporting the Westall community and site partners

The Our Place Westall team continues to get to know the community through supporting local initiatives.

Implementing the Our Place approach involves building relationships with local service providers and the community. Over the past few years, there have been many opportunities for the Our Place Westall team to participate in and support local community initiatives, and Term 1 of 2022 has been no different. In addition to day-to-day activities, here is a small sample of some of the great opportunities the Our Place Westall team supported during Term 1. 

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, Kingston City Council and South East Community Links (SECL) hosted an afternoon tea at the Westall Community Hub. This event aimed to introduce and highlight the services SECL offers to the local community. Our Place assisted with promotion to the local community and helped with the running of the event on the day. Community members attending this event received information about free youth services, employment and career guidance, financial counselling support, family violence prevention, and youth housing services.  

Access to and knowledge about local services has been highlighted as a need within the community. Meeting informally with services supports both families and service providers to build a relationship. This approach can also help community members, where needed, to identify possible and suitable supports, and for some, it can increase confidence levels around accessing services.  

Harmony Day

In recognition of Harmony Week, City of Kingston hosted Harmony Day in partnership with Westall Primary School, Westall Secondary College, Westall Kindergarten, Our Place, Westall Connect Social Group and Westall Service partners collaborated in promotion of the event for the community to come together.  

The Harmony Week event provided an opportunity for the community to collectively celebrate diversity within Westall. It also helped to reinforce the Harmony Day theme ‘everyone belongs’, which is undoubtedly true at the Westall Community Hub and Schools.   

The event was a huge success that had over 700 students, parents and community members attend. The event commenced with a traditional smoking ceremony performed by a local Aboriginal Elder. Children showcased their talents and performed traditional dances and music for all to enjoy. Attendees also received a visit from City of Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos, who presented leadership badges to the 2022 student leaders of Westall Primary School. 

This celebration also provided the opportunity for parents and carers to engage in their children’s learning, meet other families, get to know the Our Place Westall team and site partners.  

Aligning with the Our Place Approach

The Our Place Approach values community collaboration and appreciates that good decisions are informed by evidence and the voices of the community. It also aims for communities to feel connected, socially included and have a sense of pride and belonging.  

Collaborating with site partners and supporting community initiatives assists Our Place in getting to know our communities, which in turn helps us to implement high-quality and high-impact interventions where needed.  

Evidence also indicates that education is the key to lifting the aspirations and improving the lives of children and their families. Therefore, Our Place’s holistic approach includes five core Elements that describe the evidence-based strategies that contribute to achieving outcomes for children, families, and communities. Read more about the Our Place core Elements HERE