Project Description


Doveton is a highly disadvantaged suburb in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, with a large, diverse and vibrant migrant and refugee community.

Doveton College has nearly 750 students between prep and Year 9, along with around 150 children aged birth to five attending the Early Learning Centre.

The College opened in 2012 as one of the first social partnerships between government and philanthropy. The Colman Foundation made an 8 year commitment to the College and invested $1.8m to establish an integrated, place-based, family-focused hub as a core part of the school.


The building blocks of Doveton are our early learning, health and wellbeing, adult education and employment services, all seamlessly integrated through a single entrance into the school, combined with a commitment to providing the highest quality teaching and learning environment for all students.

We bring together all the resources young children need to develop well, that students need to succeed at school, and that families need to thrive – and make them available, accessible and appropriate for the families in our community.

But what makes these building blocks so effective is the relationships we build with families, our focus on igniting and meeting their aspirations, and the sense of belonging our families experience because their local school truly is their place.


Our approach is working. In just five years, we are starting to see big changes.

Doveton College is a high-growth school rapidly catching up to national averages, and learning outcomes for the children who attended our exceptionally high quality Early Learning Centre are hugely encouraging.

We are starting to see the kinds of impacts that change the lives of children and the fabric of communities.

  • More children are starting school healthy and ready to succeed at school

  • Engagement in learning and academic performance is growing year on year

  • Children and families are participating in the community

  • Adults are engaging in education and training and getting jobs


The Initial Project

The Early Days

The Journey Continues


Address: 62 Tristania Street, Doveton VICTORIA

Phone: (03) 8765 0111

Principal: Gregory McMahon